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Top ten most luxurious prisons in the world

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Prison is the word which is considered as a nightmare for most of the people because of the severe punishments are given to the prisoners there. Luxury is the word which has no associated with the prison and most of the prisons located in the world are completely funded by the tax payers and the tax payers of the world don’t want to listen that they are paying their taxes for the comfort and luxury of the prisoners. The living conditions of the prisoners are the independent on the routine daily tasks of the people which include toilets, bed, showers and also some level of privacy for them.

People of the world are not aware that in this world there are many luxurious prisons also located which are providing at different places of the world and are providing luxurious facilities to the prisoners there because of the high standards of their country. Prisoners perform different tasks there to keep themselves busy and also do their work which is a good thing in prisons. Some most wanted criminals like dangerous drug queens are also kept there. The following are top 10 most luxurious and best prisons places located all around the world:

10. Cereso Chetumal Prison, Mexico:

Cereso Chetumal Prison is the one which is located in Mexico and this prison has the minimum violent behavior by the prisoners. But when they want to fight with each other they were given the pair of boxing gloves and are sent to the ring where the dispute is then over in several rounds. They are also encouraged to create their different moves and also to use their creative mind to create different art works which are then sold to the tourists of the world. It also features an area called Conjugal Hotel where couples are provided to spend time together.

9. Cebu Prison, Philippines:

Cebu is not only a prison but is also called as the Rehabilitation Center as well which provides different entertainment facilities as well which includes the dance classes there. The dance program is conducted for the prisoners and is also provided with the regular exercise with the established choreography, and then their videos are posted online. They become then famous due to the internet and people watch their routine daily tasks on the internet.

8. Aranjuez Prison, Spain: